Provide innovative and efficient overall solutions for all-round applications in various fields such as medical care, logistics, education, industry and public safety.

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Public & Enterprise

5G+Smart Medical

Build a stable and reliable 5G network for medical care, and help remote consultation and mobile medical care.



5G+Communication Terminal

Solve the network pain points of slow data transmission speed and high latency,improve the computing

speed of cloud computng, and wireless robot cloud control



5G+Smart Transportation

Realize real-time information interaction between vehicles,roads, and clouds, and help buld a new typeof

ransportatio system with vehicle,road and coud collboration



5G+Smart government affairs, police affairs

Sobve the problems ofemergencysupport,energencies ,asemby monitoring,and emergency dril support and blind spot monitoring of wiredresoure coverage in major events,and improve the ability of patrol prevention and control



5G+ Smart Industry, Agriculture

5G+ Smart Industry, Agriculture